The Singphoniker’s Repertoire.

  • Secular Programmes

  • Sacred Programmes

    • Departure

      The fascinating Orlando di Lasso is starting pont and inspiration of this programme, the music dives right into his mighty sound cosmos. Lasso is the basis for fascinating departures into the music of the 20th century.

    • fragile

      The Singphoniker sing of the fragility and vanity of human life. Enter a cathedral of sound, built on pillars of the archaic music of Pierre de la Rue, with iridescent stained glass windows of impressionistic beauty, the straight Emotionality of Pop songs and the merciless directness of the post-war era.

    • Come, sweet death

      The vanity of the human existence, illuminated by all sides of music. A moving insight into the human soul with works by Schubert, Weill and Georg Kreisler, supplemented by the stirring clarity of Johann Sebastian Bach´s chorales.

    • Singphonic Christmas – a cappella

  • International Programmes

    • O holy night

      The Singphoniker celebrate the christmas season with contemplative classical music, the most beloved international christmas carols and some swingin´ standards!

    • Circle of songs

      A carefully selected revue of the Singphoniker´s vast repertoire of over 30 years with music spanning from the renaissance to contemporary Pop.

  • Other Programmes